Climate: where the weather is consistently good and the sea reigns supreme
Climate: where the weather is consistently good and the sea reigns supreme Picture: Ricardo Teixeira, unsplash

Climate: where the weather is consistently good and the sea reigns supreme

The Algarvian climate is considered one of the best in Europe. Moderate and Mediterranean, holidaymakers are treated to endless hours of sunshine all year round.

The Atlantic Ocean’s harmonising effect can be experienced directly on the coast. A subtropical climate prevails in our region of southern Portugal that is characterised by warm, dry summers and mild winters. Indeed, the average annual temperature is 16 degrees Celsius. On winter days, the temperature rarely drops below ten degrees and there are still six glorious hours of sunshine.

The Algarvian air is extremely beneficial: cleaner than anywhere else in Europe, it is always on the move! Regardless of how hot it is outside, the constant breeze makes everything considerably more bearable. It can get quite cool in the evenings, though – even at the height of the summer. So be sure to pack a warm jacket.

The Atlantic regularly intervenes. The constant sea breeze stops it from getting as unpleasantly hot in the summer as it does in Andalusia. Apart from on a few sizzling hot days when the ‘Levante’ winds blow in from Africa. But then you can just pop outside for a quick dip…

In Salema, the Atlantic Ocean is often as mild as the Mediterranean Sea, just a bit cooler – it is an ocean after all. The beach slopes into the sea very gently, meaning it is also ideal for children. On some days, there are huge waves and quite a few breakers. The sound of the ocean is omnipresent and soothes the soul.

The Atlantic creates a natural spectacle here that is unknown on beaches in southern Europe otherwise: dense fog swirls over the water. You can take a stroll along the beach beside the cold wall of the Atlantic and experience first-hand the feeling of being able to reach out and touch the solid cold with your hands, while at the same time enjoying 40 degrees Celsius on the shore. Despite the moderate climate, there’s certainly never a dull moment here!


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