Animal haven: in cat territory
Animal haven: in cat territory Photo by Timothy Meinberg on Unsplash

Animal haven: in cat territory

A fishing village like Salema is an absolute paradise for cats. Indeed, they are as omnipresent as the sea. In the lanes, on walls, atop roofs, and beneath bushes ... they have their shady, cosy and feeding spots in all kinds of (im)possible places. And somehow, they are also synonymous with the town’s chilled-out atmosphere.

As charming as the cats can be, please do not feed them!

They are able to find enough food for themselves: they help to keep the town free of mice, for instance, and also clean up after the fishermen. They mustn’t be allowed to get lazy! Please also spare a thought for the holidaymakers who come here after you. If you feed the cats, they will continue to come back even after you have left. The next guests may then be besieged by cats.

Please do not let any cats into your apartment! Take care not to lock any animals in by mistake either.

Dog owners may well have already suspected: unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in.


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